Fixed hairstyles - no shadows on face - BIG PACKAGE - relased for PUBLIC

I invite You to download my previous hairstyles - fixed - with no shadows on face. I had no experience with Sims hairstyles before, so I hace made a mistake. Now - all hairstyles are fixed and You can use them with no issue. New hairstyles from 2 months before - had no problems with. So - download them, and enjoy :) 
By the way I would like to let You know why I create all those stuff. From 2008 I am creating 3d hairstyles for games like Secondlife and Imvu. This was my hobby before, cause in RL I was working in a hospital. Year ago I decided to left my RL work, because  I experienced mobbing from my boss, because I was a woman. In my country men still think that If You are a woman You should basically stay at home and cook.  Anxiety disorders have been diagnosed for me, so I have decided to stay at home, rest a little, and change my profession. So...I have decided to start as a nail stylist to change my life. I took all my founds and invested into myself. I think it was a good decission, and my works You can see here :
Currently I am saving to start my own bussines. I am still creating for Secondlife and Sims, because I love it, and I won`t stop. All Your patronages are very important for me, and I really appreciate Your help. Thank You so much ! :)


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